Medical tourism

Due to the extremely high costs of healthcare in Western Europe, people are seeking out low cost, high quality dental treatment options in Poland with medical tourism, often while combining a vacation in a relaxing setting.
4HealthTravelDent is a medical tourism provider in Poland. We belong to UTC Tour Operator company which owns, among others, brands like SeeKrakow, Concierge, 4HealthTravel and more. We are well-known specialists who provide their customers with highly professional services from their arrival till departure. We offer sereval kinds of dental treatment such as implants, teeth whitening, endodondics, prophylaxis, orthodontics, prosthetics and more. We proudly represent our clinic which provides our patients the highest level of dental treatment at a reasonable price (savings up to 80% comparing to Scandinavian countires). Treatment procedures are focused on the elimination of pain and stress. Our English speaking doctors work on the highest quality of equipment such as “A-dec” chairs, dental miscroscope KAPS, Polus Beyond whitening system, the Biomet 3i implant system and many others.

What makes our service different?
– Completely painless and stress free treaments
– Vast knowledge and many years of medical practice
– High qualified and experienced specialists
– The best quality materials available on the market
– Welcome packs
Whether you are coming just for a specific procedure, or are planning to extend your stay to include a vacation, your time in Kraków will be well spent.

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